An Introduction to Description Logic

We plan to provide a range of resources to support users of the book. At present these include OWL ontologies corresponding to those that are used in running examples, and exercises designed to support self-study and test understanding.

Ontologies are available in the OWL ontology language; these correspond to the running examples used in Chapter 2 and occasionally elsewhere. It is recommended that these ontologies be viewed using an OWL ontology editor such as Protégé. The first ontology (IntroToDL1.owl) corresponds to the KB (T,A), where T is the TBox from Figure 2.3, and A is the ABox from Figure 2.4. The second ontology (IntroToDL2.owl) corresponds to (T',A), where T' includes the additional axioms introduced in Sections 2.4 and 2.5.

Exercises are available for most chapters. For Chapter 2, the (same) exercises are available with and without all solutions; for the remaining chapters, only some example solutions are provided.

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